Special Edition Bose ®

New Koleos 2.0 Special Edition Bose ®

A unique style, a custom sound.

Renault Koleos Bose® Edition: a unique style, a custom designed audio system for the passenger compartment. 
Crossover versatile, able to cope with elegance the most difficult terrain, Renault Koleos is enriched by a collection of exclusive amenities .

Its design is gaining distinguished grille and mirrors tone aluminum, aluminum alloy wheels 17 " Tinted , Bose® badge and rear privacy glass.


8 high-powered speakers

Each model has unique acoustic characteristics so the Bose® audio system designed especially for the interior of your Renault to offer a tailor-made acoustic quality. 1/1 Twiddler® speaker (speaker neodymium mid-high ) 8cm ( central line) in the dashboard.2/2 tweeters 3.5 cm in the dashboard.3/2 broadband speakers 16.5 cm neodymium in the front doors .

4/2 speakers broadband 16.5cm neodymium in the rear doors .5/1 speaker grace Nd® Richbass® 13 cm in a bass-reflex box of 7 liters , mounted in the rim of the spare wheel and powered by a compact amplifier .6/1 digital amplifier in the trunk with digital processing system Bose® signal and 8 channels of customized equalization .


A tailored acoustics for your Renault Koleos .

Inside, the seats TEP / fabric and the steering wheel offer refined over gray stitching while this dash of black lacquered decorations. Distributed at strategic points of the passenger compartment and controlled by a digital amplifier , 7 speakers and the bass module Bose® audio system to allow the music to express emotion.

Discover its natural size : Renault has partnered with Bose® to bring you a unique acoustic experience. Deep bass, clear stamps and fine treble : specially designed for the interior of your renault, Bose® audio system provides a level of precision and realism close to a musical experience "Live" .


What Bose® audio system?

The Bose® approach is to develop a sound system in the early stages of vehicle design . To do this , engineers have analyzed all acoustic components of the passenger compartment of the vehicle size at the corner of the windscreen . They then designed an exclusive audio system tailored to the particular acoustics of each car , to offer a rich and balanced for all seats .

The driver and passengers as well enjoy music reproduction close to a live performance as if they were in a concert hall. The Bose® sound system allows the listener to experience the nuances of music and get a sound scale in all circumstances.