New Koleos Europe

New Koleos 2.0 New Koleos Europe

Let yourself be seduced by the comfort and elegance of the new Koleos. Its space, its refinement and interior modularity and BOSE audio system contribute to the comfort of all passengers.

Moreover, its large glass area brighten travel for all to enjoy.


New Koleos shows its split personality through a distinctive design: elegant and robust at the same time.

Its new outdoor line is enhanced by new headlights and a redesigned grille.

Strength and Dynamism

Driving pleasure without forgetting the environment 

New Koleos combines the power and dynamism to allow all escapes desired. This not to mention the environment through CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption under control.

Koleos, a multiple talent for a unique experience.


We quickly found its brands driving the new Koleos. Handy and great ergonomics, it offers the driver a real sense of control, facilitated by intuitive technologies.

A raised hand, the dashboard has all the useful features that make Renault a benchmark for comfort and safety.